Our Story

Now this might sound mad, but Naturalmat began on the high seas. We both sailed and hated the synthetic mattresses you found on most yachts. So we started hand-making natural fibre products that wouldn’t sweat and would fit in a boat’s awkward spaces.

But after the birth of Mark’s first child, we had a light bulb moment. Why not devote the same clever thinking to baby mattresses? After all, little ones deserve a good night’s sleep too – not to mention the lovely, breathable qualities of an entirely natural product. And with that, Naturalmat was born.

Fast forward to today. Boy, have some things changed. We now produce a huge range of baby and adult mattresses, as well as bases and toppers, and sell to customers across Europe and the USA.

But other things have stayed the same. We still only use natural materials like organic lambswool from local sheep. And we still make all our products by hand in a factory surrounded by green fields.

Some days, when there’s a quiet moment, we like to think about all those babies and grown ups out there who are, thanks to a Naturalmat product, sleeping in blissful comfort. Who knows? Maybe, once in a while, they dream about a field in the middle of Devon, England.