In 2001, we were the first company to make a baby mattress that met all British Standards without using any glues, chemical fire retardants or synthetics of any kind. We believe, we still make the best mattresses for babies and children that we now sell to customers across the world.

The natural fibers we use are inherently breathable and self-ventilating which helps your child regulate their body temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep. All our materials are 100% natural and from sustainable, Fair Trade sources. Where possible, we buy local, particularly our wool, which comes from the sheep grazing in fields just yards from our factory.

We also offer a range of wonderful bedding that is certified organic by the Soil Association and made according to GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) so offers the most natural night’s sleep for your little one.

We believe that people, not machines, make a superior, long-lasting product. Our team of craftspeople ensure every stitch, fiber and cover is painstakingly created, teased and checked. When a mattress leaves our factory, we are confident it will deliver years of comfortable and healthy sleep for your child.

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