Got some questions?

What are the exact dimensions of your mattresses?

The Coco Mat, Latex Mat and Mohair Mat are all available in standard US crib size 52’’ long x 28’’ wide x 6’’ deep. The Latex Mat is also available in standard Twin Size 39″ wide x 75″ long x 7 inches deep.

Can your mattresses be used with all types of crib?

Our mattresses are not recommended for use with cribs that have a wire base. Please use our mattress with cribs that have wooden slats or a flat base and ensure the crib is assembled correctly with no missing parts or slats.

Is latex a natural fiber?

Yes it is! A lot of people assume it is a synthetic fiber; however it is tapped from the rubber tree, is not treated with any chemicals and has a porous, open cell structure which allows breathability.

Is there a risk of allergy to latex?

It is highly unlikely that your baby/child will have an allergic reaction from our mattresses. Allergic reactions are often caused when latex comes in direct contact with the skin. This is unlikely to happen with our mattress as our latex is sandwiched between layers of coir and wool. Many people are actually allergic to the chemicals latex if often treated with rather than the latex itself. If anything, the latex used with our Latex Mat, makes this mattress our most hypo-allergenic mattress and additionally it is naturally anti microbial.

What is coir and is your coir organic?

Coir is the husk of a coconut that is then pressed into sheets of springy and breathable fiber that is great for mattresses. We are the only UK mattress maker using certified organic coir (coconut fiber). Our coconuts are grown organically in Sri Lanka on farms that are certified by the Control Union as organic and environmentally responsible. We don’t use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, preferring to use organic compost to encourage a sustainable farming program. The coconut husks are soaked for up to six months, the coir fibers are then recovered from the coconut pulp by a beating process which separates the fibers from the pith of the outer skin of the coconut. The fibers are then dried and coated with natural latex to make the coir more supportive and breathable.  It is then placed in a heated press which compresses the product to the density and thickness we require for our mattresses. It is also very important to us that the density of our coconut pads meets with our strict demands – too dense is too firm, and not dense enough makes too feeble a spring – it has to be just right!

Do the mattresses offer good support for my baby/child?

Yes, our mattresses offer great support! They all have natural spring and resilience, offering long lasting support for your baby or child for as long as they use the mattress.
We sell three different types of children’s mattresses, the Coco Mat, the Latex Mat and the Mohair Mat. Key differences between the three mattresses are:
The Coco Mat is our original crib mattress and is the perfect choice for newborns and babies offering firm support and impressive ventilation and insulation. The Coco Mat consists of organic coir wrapped in organic British lambswool and has a 100% natural cotton inner and outer covers.
The Latex Mat is great mattress choice for toddlers and older children offering medium support and excellent breathability. The natural latex is supportive and hypo-allergenic. Organic coir surrounds the natural latex to give the mattress extra spring. We then add layers of our organic wool which is breathable, anti dust mite and naturally fire retardant. As you would expect, this mattress also has 100% natural cotton inner and outer mattress covers, the outer one is both removable and machine washable.
Finally, the Mohair Mat is our most luxurious crib mattress and offers soft to medium support which is great for  toddlers and older children but still offers excellent ventilation and insulation. This mattress has a machine washable 100% natural cotton mattress cover. We make this mattress with horsehair tail, which forms the core of the Mohair Mat and is sandwiched between layers of organic coir for extra support. Silky mohair fleece wraps around the outside of the coir acting as a luxurious thermal insulator.

What is the age/weight recommendation for Naturalmat Mattresses?

It is important to consider that newborn babies require a firm mattress making the Coco Mat an ideal choice as it provides firm support and is the most breathable of our range. The Latex Mat offer a medium level of support suitable for toddlers and older children. The Mohair Mat offers the benefit of extra fibers giving a soft to medium luxury feel again suitable for toddlers & older children. Please note: The above are just recommendations!

Are glues used in the process of making Naturalmat Mattresses? 

No we do not use any glue in the process of making our children’s mattresses.

How long will the mattress last?

Our mattresses are guaranteed for five years. It is recommended mattresses should be changed after seven years; please see our care guide here for more information on how to prolong the life of your mattress and keep it in good condition.

Why should I get this mattress and not a standard foam mattress?

A newborn can sleep up to 16 hours per day! Foam mattresses can be  made from plastics, which offer poor breathability . It is important to remember that newborn babies are unable to regulate their own temperature. They tend to overheat, perspire and then wake as their temperature drops drastically, resulting in a broken night’s sleep for the whole family. The natural and breathable fibers within our mattresses prevent this from happening, and our wool especially acts as an insulator helping to regulate your baby’s temperature and therefore sleep much more soundly. More sleep for baby means more sleep for you!

Other benefits are the hypo-allergenic aspects to our mattresses. Our wool is naturally anti dust mite and the outer cover is removable and machine washable. The latex mattress is our most hypo-allergenic mattress, as the latex is naturally anti-microbial, so dust mites and bacteria are unable to live within it.

We do not use any chemicals within our mattresses to make them fire retardant. They are naturally fire retardant due to our fantastic organic lambswool and pass all US fire regulations.

How do I care for my mattress?

Protect your mattress from those little accidents with one of our Naturalmat breathable organic waterproof mattress protectors. If the mattress is ever soiled you can also unzip the outer cover and wash it at 140ºF. This will also kill any dust mites and bacteria. Allow covers to dry naturally (do not tumble dry). The inner cover holds all the natural fibers in place and should not be removed. This cover can be sponged clean if needed and left to dry naturally in a ventilated area. Once the outer cover is completely dry it can be zipped back onto the mattress. We make our covers a tight fit for our mattresses and it may seem a tight squeeze to get them back on. We regularly wash test our fabric so have experience at this! A top tip for successfully achieving this operation: Put one end of the mattress so that you can put the opposite end into the other end of the cover. Carefully close the zip pushing the material together. Take care not to put too much pressure on the zip when closing. Finally, remember to turn the mattress every three months. See our mattress care page for further information.

Do you offer a USA made to measure mattress service?

We only offer standard USA crib and twin size mattresses through the USA website. Should you require an alternative size you will need to order a made to measure mattress. We don’t currently sell made to measure mattresses through Naturalmat USA, however you can order them through our UK sales team. Note: there will be a delivery charge from the UK to USA on these items. Please email michele@naturalmat.co.uk should you require a quotation.

What is the difference between percale and flannelette cotton?

Our organic cotton percale sheets are made from crisp cool cotton which is ideal for use during warmer months. Our organic flannelette cotton is very soft, cosy and is perfect for any time of the year, but particularly during the winter months.

How are your GOTS & Soil Association certified organic waterproof protectors made?

We make our waterproof mattress protector using two layers of thick, 100% organic, soft flannelette cotton with a very thin layer of breathable polyurethane laminated in between to make the protector waterproof while still allowing for ventilation and breathability.

Do you sell mattresses bigger than Twin Size?

We don’t currently sell mattresses bigger than Twin Size through Naturalmat USA; however you can order them through our UK website. Please be aware the cost of delivery from the UK will be incurred. Please email michele@naturalmat.co.uk should you require further shipping cost information.