Which Mat is Right for My Baby?

Can’t decide which mattress is best for your baby? All of our organic, natural mats are perfectly fine for babies of all ages – it does just come down to your personal preference as their parent – and let’s face it, parents know best!

However, some may be a little more suited to your baby – take a look at our guide below to find the best Naturalmat for your little one.

The Coco Mat – The Award Winner

Designed with newborns in mind and this being a critical stage in a baby’s development it is vital to keep their little spines aligned, therefore a little firmness is required.

The Coco Mat is all about getting your baby off to sleep safely that’s why we use the finest natural and organic materials which help regulate air flow and your baby’s body temperature. The Coco mat is filled with organic coir from the only certified organic coir plantation in the world. Coir is made from coconut husk fibers which are then bonded using natural latex to form a extremely supportive and breathable crib mattress.

The Latex Mat – The Best Seller

This super crib mattress has Latex as its core strength (tapped from the Hevea Tree). This mattress provides medium gentle support for toddlers and is very suited to older children. Layers of organic coir, organic lambswool and a pure cotton cover make this a seriously comfy. Latex is at the heart of this mattress giving it essential flexibility for growing babies who are on the move. Another important feature is it’s very breathable – ideal for keeping your baby’s temperature just right on warmer nights. Natural latex is extremely hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for those Moms and Dads who worry about allergies.

The Mohair Mat – The Luxury Mat

This luxurious crib mattress includes the most durable and traditional natural fiber in existence – horsetail – this is needled within layers of breathable organic coir, bonded with natural latex and then covered with super soft mohair. The mohair choice is a soft to medium mattress ideal for any age of child.

The Mohair Mat is a luxurious organic crib mattress, wonderful and springy offering essential breathability. Silky Mohair fleece wraps around its core layers, acting as an all-important thermal insulator and then finally encased in our super soft quilted pure cotton cover for additional comfort.

…and for older children

The Twin Mat – The First ‘Big-Kid’ Mat

Is your child trying to climb out of their crib? Perhaps it’s time for one of Naturalmats Twin Mats.

With its core of natural latex (tapped from Hevea trees) our Twin Mat provides medium and flexible support for growing children.

Layers of certified organic coir, organic lambswool and flexible latex accompanied by a pure super soft cotton quilted top cover make this a seriously comfy mattress. All these natural fibers encased in this mattress will give you the parent that all important reassurance that you are continuing to provide your child with a non-toxin and chemical free experience night after night right through to their teens.