Top Sleep Tips When Travelling

Maintain the same bedtime routine as you do at home so you little one knows it is their sleep time.

A great routine could include bathing them before bed, followed by a favourite bedtime story, cuddles and then “lights off”

Take a few familiar toys / comforter rags from home to help settle your toddler in their new unfamiliar sleeping environment.

If heading into a change in time zone think ahead as to how you will manage this. If only away a few days you may feel it best to keep your child on the same snooze time as back home.  If away for longer, adjusting to the time zone will take a few days, a good idea is to start adjusting your toddlers naps a few days before you leave, either by putting them to bed an hour earlier and waking them an hour later depending on the time zone you will be entering.

Another top tip when taking your toddler into a new time zone is to set meal times around the new time zones rather than having irregular eating patterns whilst away.

In addition, take your toddler out in the natural daylight for at least an hour in the morning to help the brain adjust to the new day/night cycle.


It is normal for your toddler’s sleep to be unsettled with changes of environment / time zones so give them time to adjust, they may be a bit cranky for the first couple of days.

You could also add to your pre-holiday shopping list a comfy Naturalmat Travelmat  and easy carry bag that’s filled with temperature regulating organic lambswool in a diamond quilted cotton cover!   If away to a hot destination also try our cooling Percale crib sheet. If off to a colder climate, we have a beautiful cosy brushed flannelette sheet….All these things help make the transition easier not just for your toddler but all the family.