Time for a Twin Mat?

First things first – there’s no right or wrong time to move your little one from their crib to their first big bed – trust your gut instinct and go with it. As a parent you know what’s best for your baby!

We can however, offer a little guidance on how to make that milestone transition of leaving the comfort and security of their crib, as smooth as possible, so both you and your child are happy.

There’s no set age that a child has to move by, but this does generally happen between 18 months and 3 years of age – as soon as they start climbing up trying to get out, for safety’s sake,you should consider the switch to a Naturalmat twin mat.

This can be a scary time for your baby – leaving the comfort of their crib where they spend 70% of the time, especially if there are other big changes happening at the same time, like toilet training, starting preschool or mom returning to work.

Consider leaving the crib in the baby’s room, and introduce the ‘big-kid’ bed, using it primarily for nap times- familiarizing baby with their new sleep space, letting them know it’s safe and secure before you introduce it for night time.

Of course, be sure to offer praise when they nap in their big bed, or spend a whole night sleeping in their new bed. The happier they see you are, the happier they’ll be.