The Benefits of Organic Cotton Bedding

Your baby spends up to 70% of their time in their crib, but what are they sleeping on?

Here at Naturalmat, we only use the finest, unbleached, undyed, non-toxic organic cotton in our bedding, so your baby can enjoy the most natural night’s sleep. What’s more, all our organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile and Soil Association certified – promoting and developing eco-friendly farming and sustainability globally.

Your baby will spend about 70% of their time, especially in their first year, tucked up in their crib, so making sure you’ve got top quality, healthy bedding is really important. Their delicate skin is more porous, thinner and more fragile than an adults, so it’s no surprise that they can be more susceptible to bacteria and toxins in the surrounding environment. A Baby’s delicate skin also sweats less efficiently than an adult’s, so it’s harder for them to regulate and maintain their own body temperature.

So why choose Organic Cotton Bedding?

Pure cotton is one of nature’s finest, most breathable materials – wicking away moisture from the skin, keeping baby cool in the summer and providing warmth during the colder nights – helping to regulate body temperature. Pure cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic, soft to touch and perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. Opting for organic means that your baby will be sleeping just as nature had intended, no chemicals or synthetics for a baby to breathe in whilst they sleep. That will help keep both you and your baby resting easy.

What’s the difference between Percale and Flannelette?

Organic Cotton Bedding can come in all different textures. Here at Naturalmat, we’re particularly fond of Cotton Percale and Cotton Flannelette sheets – but what’s the difference?  well It all comes down to the way that the raw organic cotton is woven.

Cotton flannelette sheets are loosely weaved, creating a soft, fleecy, brushed feel and are best suited to colder nights, perfect for trapping warmth when needed.

Cotton percale sheets are finely weaved, crisp and cool to the touch – lightweight and breathable. Percale sheets are great for everyday use, particularly great at keeping baby cool during summer months.