7 tips to design your nursery fit for royalty

The process of designing a nursery is important and yet overwhelming, the colors and furniture you use will make a difference to your baby’s alertness and sensitivity. It is key to know what is available and what you need to create the perfect happy place for your little one.

In wake of the joyful news that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting a baby just 5 months after they’ve wed, we’ve put together our 7 tips to design yourself a nursery that is fit for royalty!

1) The crib

The Crib is the focus point and where your baby will be resting each night so ensure you take your time and choose wisely. It is key to avoid cribs with drop down sides which act as a safety risk for infants. Your crib is an investment piece so it’s suggested to buy one which has at least two mattress heights, this makes it easy to lay a sleeping baby down when it’s at its highest position, without hurting your back or even worse waking up the baby! Also placing strips of plastic along the top of the sides of the cot will help when your baby is teething.

2) Textiles before paint

The dreaded problem is falling in love with the perfect bedding for the nursery of your dreams to then discover the color clashes with the paint you’ve already splashed on the walls. There is mass color technology available which makes it easier for you to choose your textiles first and buy the paint to match your dream items after, this is especially beneficial if you are unaware of the gender of your baby. When painting your walls make sure to paint a large area in the room as opposed to small swatches, this can save you from living with a color you don’t love.

3) Decorate your ceiling

As babies spend much of their time on their backs, it is important to give them something to be transfixed with. Consider expanding the nursery theme with a variety of shapes, colours and animals on your ceiling. As their sight improves they will be able to see considerably more each day allowing them to consistently discover new things. By choosing bright colours with powerful contrasts it will help in the brain and vision development. Black and white or black and yellow are the most visible and attractive to babies. Large simple shapes such as stars will increase your baby’s familiarity with the shapes around them and encourage their memory development.

4) Create a sanitation station

Of course, the royals will be keeping their nursery germ-free and you can too by having sanitation supplies ready to go. On your changing table you need to set up a tray equipped with antibacterial gel and tissues, this will prevent any contamination of surfaces. Everyday you need to give the hotspot areas a good clean with anti-bacterial gel. To reduce all risk of uncleanliness you should have a nappy disposal system or at least a separate hamper which is emptied regularly.

5) Pick the perfect color for the room

When it comes to choosing your paint palette it is important to take pointers from the existing space you are working with. Even if you like rich colours, dark hues can be too overwhelming for a small room whereas light colours make a room appear bigger and brighter. You can also add a bold accent wall, this can add depth and make the space appear larger. If you want to create a look that lasts consider using traditional pastel shades like a cool minty green, this can outlast your child as they grow up as the color you choose can influence moods, behavior and even their physical wellbeing.

6) Go green!

You can design an eco-friendly nursery that is not only good for the planet but for your baby too! The products that we all use daily are full of deadly chemicals known as VOCs, they comprise air quality as they evaporate and in the worst-case scenario they can make your baby sick. A good way to begin is to purchase as many organic items as possible. If your child suffers from allergies or asthma you need to choose naturally hypoallergenic, organic bedding and even an organic mattress. The materials used at Naturalmat are 100% natural and from sustainable Fair-Trade sources. The Quilted Coco Mat is made with organic materials which are naturally breathable, helping to regulate air flow and body temperature whilst being hypoallergenic and anti-microbial.

7) Dim the lights

It is always vital to install a dimmer on any overhead lighting fixtures, especially if it hangs directly over the crib, this way the light won’t be intense during late-night stories and early hour feeds. It’s always handy to purchase a small night light or lamp for a cosy atmosphere as soft lighting can reduce the contrast between light and dark and prevents over-stimulation and gives your baby’s undeveloped eyes a much-needed rest.