The Mohair Mat
The Mohair Mat

The Mohair Mat

The most luxurious organic crib mattress the Mohair Mat offers a firmer more supportive mattress.  Horsetail hair (the longest and most durable natural fibre in the world) forms the core of the Mohair Mat and is sandwiched between layers of
organic coir for extra support. Silky Mohair fleece wraps around the outside acting as a luxurious thermal insulator.

Sumptuous needled mohair tufting
Certified organic coir
Superior spring from horse tail hair
Excellent ventilation and thermal insulation
NO polyethylene, PVC or synthetics
Fantastic breathability through natural technology
Machine washable cotton cover (do not tumble dry)

5 year manufacturers guarantee

52" x 28 " (5'' deep)

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The Mohair Mat (52'' x 28'') $422.00

Customer Reviews

***** A quality baby mattress that's completely organic
Reviewed by Sunny from USA in January 2014
I looked at a lot of organic baby mattresses before purchasing this one. After much research, I found out that a lot of the popular brands, like Naturepedic, are not 100% organic. Between the Coco Mat, the Latex Mat, and the Mohair Mat, it seemed that the Mohair Mat was the firmest mattress. This mattress is very firm and well made and it fits perfectly in my standard sized crib.

***** An all natural and non-toxic choice
Reviewed by Karl Vochatzer from USA in January 2014
I'm confident I made the right by purchasing this mattress. My daughter has been sleeping on it for 3 years now. I researched this purchase so that my daughter would not breathe or lay on any toxins. I'm appalled at what passes for safe sleeping materials for children and adults. Toxin filled mattress may not catch fire, but neither will the natural materials wihtin this mattress. I wholehearted believe in the safety and non-toxic benefits of this mattress. There certainly are no regrets here.

***** Worth every penny
Reviewed by J. Curl from USA in January 2014
I ordered the Mohair Mat for my son's crib when I was looking for something without flame retardant chemicals, which are commonly used on mattresses. Naturalmat seems to really have their hearts in the right place when it comes to crib mattresses, and while they are more expensive than most, it's worth it to me because my son spends more than half the day in his crib.

***** I would buy again!
Reviewed by Stacy from USA in January 2014
I'm having my first baby and wanted to get him all the best products I could find. I love the idea of this mattress and that it is completely natural - no harsh chemicals, plastics etc. It has no gross smell like so many plastic type items do and it feels comfortable. It still fits my standard size crib just fine. I would buy it again.

***** Sleeping through the night!
Reviewed by Anonymous
Ruby has been sleeping through the night from day one. She is the cause of much jealousy amongst those of her parent's friends who have had troublesome babies. She is the most content baby, either alseep on her Natural Mat mattress or wide awake, gurgling and smiling.