Organic Lambswool

Our organic lambswool comes exclusively from local farms around Devon and Dorset who are certified organic by the Soil Association. We are passionate about supporting local businesses and around us in Devon, farming is still an important industry that is vital to so many livelihoods. Luckily for us there are also many sheep farms who have chosen to farm organically, so we can get all our organic wool from sheep that are so close to us we can see them!

We then clean the wool, also locally, on the edge of Dartmoor using water from the river Dart. The water is then filtered and cleaned and returned to the river without any environmental impact. The dirt and mud that is washed out of the wool then goes into an anaerobic digester to make organic compost. If this wasn't brilliant enough we then make the lambswool anti dust-mite by adding essential oils of  lemon, eucalyptus and lavender (also certified as organic by the Soil Association)

Key benefits of our organic lambswool:

Lambswool is one of the most durable and flexible natural fibres

Naturally disinfectant properties, it resists development of bacteria.

Excellent insulator and ventilator.

Lambswool keeps you warm during the winter months and cool during the summer

Lambswool gives a good soft comfort layer without compressing like most synthetic materials.

It is naturally flame retardant

Soil Association certified organic

Anti dust mite and hypo allergenic through a natural treatment

Sourced locally in Devon