Organic Coir

Organic coir is one of our core ingredients and in case you didn't already know coir comes from coconuts! We are the only UK mattress maker using certified organic coir (coconut fiber)

All of our coconuts are grown organically in Sri Lanka on farms that are certified by the Control Union as organic and environmentally responsible. We don't use any pesticides or chemical fertilisers, preferring to use organic compost to encourage a sustainable farming program. We are very fussy about our coconuts, in fact we are 'coco nuts'. It is very important to us that they are grown organically and sustainably and on farms that practice fair trade.

The coconut husks are soaked for up to six months, the coir fibers are then recovered from the coconut pulp by a beating process which separates the fibers from the pith of the outer skin of the coconut. The fibers are then dried and coated with a natural latex solution to make the coir more supportive and breathable.  It is then placed in a heated press which compresses the product to the density and thickness we require for our mattresses. The other key thing for us it that the density of our coconut pads meets with our strict demands - too dense is too firm, and not dense enough makes too feeble a spring - it has to be just right. Getting it just right is a nut we have definitely cracked!

Key benefits of our organic coir:

Certified by Control Union, one of the world’s most reputable inspection organizations for organic products.
Great spring and support properties
Amazingly resilient and durable for long lasting performance
Naturally anti-dust mite which means it is perfect for all allergy sufferers.
Breathable through brilliant ventilation.
Organic and sustainable - a truly eco product!